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Hunting Around the World by Jack Ward Thomas

Hunting Around the World by Jack Ward Thomas

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Fair Chase Pursuits from Backcountry Wilderness to the Scottish Highlands

Foreword by Robert Model

Hunting nourishes human bodies, minds, and, in some cases, careers. Like many rural Texas youths in the 1940s, Jack Ward Thomas learned to hunt early on. It provided food for his family and a lifetime of enjoyment. But hunting also brought Thomas to his life’s work in conservation. Hunting Around the World offers the best accumulated stories, nostalgia, and wisdom of a quintessential hunter-conservationist. Thomas hunted red stag in the Scottish highlands, doves in Argentina, caribou in Alaska, and all manner of big, small, and feathered game across the United States. But his first and most enduring love was hunting in the “high lonesome” of western wildernesses. Thomas’s storytelling about those quests is classic sporting literature. Readers will feel the chill of a frosty mountain morning, tense moments as a bull elk wanders into shooting range, exhilaration as well as “pangs of conscience” in making a kill, and the wistfulness of truth that old age and old injuries will someday bring every hunter’s backcountry chapters to an end.

Thomas offers thoughtful analyses of why he hunted, the simple-minded critics of hunting, and habitat loss as the greatest threat to both wildlife and hunting.

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